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Scott Holden

I have a passion to be active, explore, travel the world and take photos—to tell stories through my view of my camera. You will see that I love sports, people, flowers and the beauty in the landscapes around me.

      “I search for the moments.”

I am a self-taught photographer and I have been taking photos since I was in high school. I even played around in the darkroom with b+w printing. But the big learning events have always come on trips. In 2002, I went to Turkey and shot 60 rolls of Velvia! In 2007, I spent three weeks in Nepal trekking and shooting thousands of photos on my Nikon D200. I ended up creating a coffee table photo book to tell the story of the trip 

Printing my photos has also been an interest and seeing the work of Peter Lik has always been an inspiration. Currently, my favorite mediums to print on are canvas and aluminum (Metal Prints).

This website represents my view of the world around me through my cameras. View, share, send comments

And remember, play hard and stay safe out there!

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